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Attorneys Discuss Virtual Law Practice

Check out two blog posts discussing virtual law practice from Chuck Newton and Jay Fleischman, both attorneys who use technology to practice law outside a traditional law office.  Newton’s post Is Virtual Virtually Impossible? prompted Fleischman’s post An Open Response to ‘Is Virtual Virtually Impossible?’ As I commented on Newton’s blog, I believe there is […]

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A Primer on Virtual Law Practice Terminology

Update: The appendix to the book Delivering Legal Services Online, contains a much more in-depth definition section covering elaywering, virtual law practice, cloud computing and other technology terms related to the online delivery of legal services. Virtual Law Practice Terminology for Beginners Given the rapid development of Web 2.0 applications to provide online legal services, I […]

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ABA Hosts Virtual Reality Law Conference in Second Life

The ABA’s Conference “Why Virtual Worlds Matter for Lawyers” was held today at the Justice Center in Second Life (SL). It was a fascinating discussion of virtual reality law issues and the future of law in virtual reality worlds. I attended the conference through my avatar on SL while other attorneys participated through teleconference for […]

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