Online Payments

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Client Portal Matrix

Last week I gave a presentation with Chad Burton at the ABA LPM Spring meeting about the eLawyering Task Force’s newest project, the Client Portal Matrix, formally titled as the “Comparative Evaluation of Web-based Practice Management Software with Client Portal Applications for Solos and Small Law Firms” Donna Seyle, who did most of the work gathering data for the matrix, was unable to make the meeting so I filled in to discuss some of the practical uses of a client portal in law practice and the best practices and ethics issues that might come up. ...READ MORE

Bitcoin as Payment for Legal Services

One of my law students recently raised this question to me: Could a lawyer allow payment for legal services in Bitcoin? It’s not a question I’ve ever gotten before and it’s a good one. Bitcoin is digital currency and it’s not managed by any central authority but the transactions occur through Bitcoin miners which is basically a server that communicates and confirms the transaction and records it on a ledger. They can be transferred by mobile devices. Recent articles have suggested that eBay and Paypal may open up their sites to the use of Bitcoin. ...READ MORE
Taking Advantage of the Economic Downturn

Taking Advantage of the Economic Downturn

Attorneys considering opening a virtual law practice should take a look at Susan Cartier Liebel’s recent blog post “Is Now The Perfect Time To Start Your Solo Practice?”  The post is motivational and gives great examples of why and how attorneys may make the most of the economic downturn to create innovative law practices.  Along […] ...READ MORE