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Unbundling Low Cost Legal Services with Contract Lawyers

I wanted to give a shout-out to Gabriel Cheong, owner of Infinity Law Group, for creating a new business model that unbundles legal services for reduced fees. Cheong has founded Cambridge Divorce Group which brings together contract lawyers who are willing to unbundle family law services for reduced rates. I’ve mentioned Cheong on here before because his law firm website features a web calculator to assist prospective clients in estimating their legal costs.

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WSJ Article Showcases Benefits of Fixed Fees, Virtual Law Practice

Today’s Wall Street Journal has an article entitled Legal Advice…on a Budget featured in a special report section about small businesses.  The article discusses how some law firms are offering fixed fees and discounts for start-ups.  Firms that they profiled for the article report growth in small business clients who are attracted to the service.  The article mentions that some law […]

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Billable Hour Must Die – ABA Article

This is the comment I posted to an article entitled, “The Billable Hour Must Die”, by Scott Turow, published in the ABA Journal‘s August issue. “I am hoping that lawyers, especially litigators, will more often be bold enough to consider offering clients alternative billing arrangements.” I agree with this statement made by Turow in his […]

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