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Virtual Law Practice: Second Edition Released

The second edition of my book, Virtual Law Practice, will be released from ABA LPD Publishing this month. (There will be a digital copy for sale in the coming months and eventually it gets released on Amazon for those of you who want other purchasing options.)  I’ve updated the book significantly since the original publication […] ...READ MORE

Webinar for Future of Legal Services Commission

Here is the video from my presentation to the ABA Future of Legal Services Commission. I was asked to discuss virtual law practice and online engagement through gamification.  This is part of a series of webinars that the Commission is holding. You can check out the other videos on their website, including talks by Will […] ...READ MORE

Commission on Future of Legal Services Seeks Feedback

I was honored to be asked to participate in the ABA President’s Commission on the Future of Legal Services this year and next. This Commission is calling for Issues Paper feedback now through December 10th. For my legal tech friends and colleagues, if you have something to say, now is a good time to get it on the […] ...READ MORE

Podcast: How to Provide Client Hand-holding in Virtual Law Practice

Last month I joined in on a podcast for the ABA Journal with reporter Stephanie Francis Ward, Michelle Crosby, founder of Wevorce, and Fred Rooney, Director of Touro Law Center’s International Justice Center for Post-Graduate Development. The topic was “How do you provide client hand-holding if you run a virtual firm?” ...READ MORE
Writing, Writing and More Writing

Writing, Writing and More Writing

A few articles to note: •A Symposium on Justice, Lawyering and Legal Education in the Digital Age will be held by Chicago-Kent College of Law this week in conjunction with the CALI’s 2013 Conference for Law School Computing. Richard Granat and I co-wrote an article entitled The Teaching of Law Practice Management and Technology in Law Schools: A New Paradigm, for the symposium which has been published in the law school’s law review. ...READ MORE
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Online Legal Marketplace Book Release

My new book about the online legal marketplace, Consumer Law Revolution, was released today from the publisher and pre-orders should be shipping this week. I’m excited to share this book with the legal profession. It dives into an area that is growing in practice and where we don’t have clear, established best practices to guide us. The online legal marketplace naturally involves technology and the unbundling of legal services, but also new forms of online lawyer advertising and collaboration with non-lawyer legal service companies that provide online marketing tools and platforms for lawyers to connect with consumers. ...READ MORE