Final Slides from Law Practice Management Class

These are the slides from my final session for a Wake Forest Law School course on law practice management this fall. I taught the course online and used a virtual law firm simulation to teach ethics and other best practices for unbundling legal services and online delivery.

As the slide content makes obvious, the students were asked to read Susskind’s End of Lawyers? and my book on virtual law practice as well as many other articles, videos, and ethics opinions related to both traditional firm management and the integration of technology in practice management. This is just the last slide deck from the series of 14.

In our final class, we looked at how the legal industry is changing and how the students may adapt to these changes as new associates in law firms or as solo practitioners. We had some interesting discussions in this course because the students came from such diverse backgrounds and with many different plans for their legal careers. Several were even a tad argumentative or resistant at first even to the idea that these changes might affect the way they had thought they would practice law upon passing the bar.

I hope by the end of this course rather than depressing the students, I gave them some new ideas about how to direct their legal careers within a law firm or how to create their own unique business models.


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