Book Release — Virtual Law Practice: How to Deliver Legal Services Online

I’m pleased to announce the publication of my book Virtual Law Practice: How to Deliver Legal Services Online through the ABA LPM Publishing.  The book was written to be a practical, how-to manual for attorneys who want to deliver legal services online by creating a virtual law office. It addresses virtual law practice that is either completely web-based or where a firm has integrated a virtual law office into a traditional practice management structure.   

The goal of the book is to guide anyone interested in the concept of virtual law practice through the different management structures, technology options, ethics and malpractice issues, marketing methods, daily management, and really serves as a how-to guide for practical implementation.  The book is full of case studies from attorneys engaged in virtual law practice and elawyering as well as advice from practice management advisors, IT & security professionals, and marketing and business professionals among others.  The book includes an glossary of terms related to virtual law practice and an appendix of state-by-state ethics rules and opinions and other resources related to virtual law practice.  Because the technology involved in creating and maintaining a virtual law office changes so frequently, I intend to update the information in the book on this blog as necessary. 

Please check out the book at the ABA Bookstore and check back here for updates on the topic. Thanks to everyone who supported me in this endeavor, and my gratitude especially goes out to those attorneys who took the risk in forging ahead with virtual law practice in its various forms over the years!


  1. I finally (recent law grad) bit the bullet and bought the book as my gift for getting through the NYS bar. It is a preparation and a distraction while waiting for results. I got it at a GREAT price on ABA Bookstore.
    I must admit when it arrived I excitedly opened the package and was disappointed at the thickness of the book. I thought, “Really? This is it?” Well, I stand CORRECTED and first impressions are not always right. This little dynamo of a book is SATURATED with information. It is clear and concise but it will get your brain going for sure! It is a book that you want to read all at once but the knowledge is so jam packed in it that you have to stop and let things process.
    Thanks so much for this book and cutting out the unnecessary. It serves its purpose – is well written and worth every penny! I especially like the case studies and website referrals. Again, thanks!

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